So… What even is a WIO?

Glad you asked! We’re not your average wellness brand. Swanson WIO (Wellness Inside & Out™) is a breakthrough routine of mind-body nourishment that brings self-care to the front of the line where it belongs. We’re working parents, stressed-out students and caffeinated professionals who understand that mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. 

A team that cares about your self care
Clinically studied formulas
Products with life enhancing impact
Empowering your health & wellness

Crafted by Experts

We partnered up with smart people with science backgrounds to curate ingredients clinically studied to work well together to keep our mental health… well… healthy.

We also used patented ingredients that have been clinically studied, so it’s not just us that thought these products worked the best. Not to mention our parent company has been helping folks live healthier since 1969. Shoutout to Swanson Health Products.

The Mind / Body Connection

At WIO you’ll find remedies that connect three important aspects of mental health: stress, sleep and cognition. We focused on these specific areas because they make up the core of what impacts our mental health the most. Stress derails restful sleep, poor sleep interrupts healthy brain function and a foggy mind leads to a crummy day. Lather, rinse, repeat for tomorrow. 

The products we carry were chosen to disrupt that state of stagnancy that many of us find ourselves in without even realizing it. We’re here to bring awareness to coasting and making small changes toward more mindful living. 

This is Your Space

We want to offer a space where your wellbeing comes first. Our hope is to provide you with resources that fit your unique needs to help you take the time to rest, recoup and reinvent your day-to-day, every day. We’re here to help you find your healthy headspace and take back control, one step at a time and every step of the way. 


Whether you need some big BRAIN ENERGY™ for an upcoming test, CALM SLEEP waves™ for a full night’s rest or mental wellness SELF-CARE™ to start living your best, Swanson WIO™ will be here to meet you where you’re at and help create the routine that you feel called to. This is your time, your needs are valid and you can do incredible things today.  You got this. 

Mental Health is Routine

When we leave our mental health needs unchecked, it can trickle into our daily life and can drag us into an occasional funk that leaves us feeling exhausted, uninspired and just plain icky. And that is no way to be. Routines help us reclaim a wellness baseline that we can control, empowering us to continue healthy habits that our minds will thank us for.