Redefine your day-to-day with a routine crafted to help you focus on YOU.

Essential mental wellness routines created specifically with you in mind.

Back to Basics Routine

A ritual that refreshes your mindset

If you’re new to self-care, this starter kit provides all the essentials for more balanced days ahead with a healthy sleep-wake cycle, stress response and brain longevity

On-the-Go Routine

The to-go version of mental wellness

A grab bag of goodies for the on-the-go gurus that provides a
pick-me-up for your stress levels, immune system and multitasking skills, along with jetlag support for a good night’s sleep

Busy Bee Routine

For all-day energy & end-of-day recuperation

For the “death before decaf” crew that has a full plate and lot to do—stimulant-free all-day energy combined with stress support makes for more productive days with proper recovery in mind

Herbalist's Top Shelf Routine

Plant-based remedies for mindful living & inner balance

Mental wellness with Mother Nature in mind provides plant-based energy without the jitters, adaptogenic stress support and botanicals that bring on restful sleep for a balanced mind

Holistic Mind / Body Routine

Everything you need to connect with yourself on a deeper level

A routine fit for a full-circle approach for enriched mental
health and lifestyle betterment by addressing GI discomfort caused by stress, along with sleep support that lasts all night and enhanced concentration throughout the day