What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a practice that takes materials that have already served their original purpose and giving them a new one. Unlike recycling where raw materials are broken down to make new products, upcycling reuses the original materials as-is to create something even better.


If you’ve used up all the vitamins in the bottle during your self-care routine, there may still be some use for it yet.

How to Reuse WIO Vitamin Bottles

Whether you’ve got one of our squatty jars or a couple tall boy bottles, here’s some fun and practical uses that can give your containers more mileage and keep them out of landfills.

A Tiny Planter

This one’s for the plant parents. Our 4 oz jars are perfect for any small succulent or propagation looking for their first home. If you’re nervous about drilling a hole in the bottom for drainage, just add a layer of pebbles instead. The best part? The semi-see-through bottle makes it easier to see and make sure there’s no water sitting at the bottom (not today, root rot.)

Herb and Spice Jars

Chic and stackable kitchen containers that fit together make the world a better place. Our 8 oz containers are great for holding more awkwardly shaped ingredients like vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks while our shorter jars are great for dried herbs like lavender or even tea leaves. If you’re looking for a countertop-friendly way to keep your favorite ingredients close by, hang onto your empties.

LED Tealight Holders

While real candles might not be the best fit, our blue bottles are beauties for LED tealights and add some low-key ambiance to your home or bath. Just remove the label, pop a light in and enjoy. If your tub and shower are a combo, pop the lid back on the jar when you’re done to make a water-resistant home for your lights.

Junk Drawer Organizers

Most of us have that “junk drawer” that seems to accumulate a whole hodgepodge of odds and ends. From paperclips and condiment packets to spare keys and pushpins—add a couple small jars to your drawer to bring a little more order to the chaos.

Bath Salt Scooper

If you’re a lover of adding Epsom salts to your bath, you may have seen that the back of most bags says to use 2 cups in the tub. It might be safe to say that 9 times out of 10… most of us eyeball it and just dump the salt in unless you’ve got a dedicated measuring cup. Enter the WIO 8 oz bottle. These baddies are exactly one cup and would love nothing more than to help you finally get that perfect salt-to-water ratio.

Broken Crayon Graveyard

If you’ve got little ones with a talent for breaking crayons then losing interest in using them, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach them about upcycling too. Collect the fallen coloring comrades and give your kiddo a dedicated jar that they can access when they either break another one or just simply refuse to use it.


When the jar is full, take the pieces and create fun shapes by melting them in ice molds. Now they have new, upcycled tie-dye crayons that they got to create with you and also have a fun space to keep their future crayon shrapnel for more projects… and it’s not back in the junk drawer that you just organized.

Stay Crafty Out There

There are plenty more ways to reuse and upcycle any WIO bottle. We hope some of these uses come in handy or even spark new ideas so that you can get the most out of your products and mental wellness routine.

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