What are Calming Moments?

Our daily lives are usually far from uneventful. Whether it’s running your own business, getting the kids to soccer practice, going back to school or making time to take your dog for a walk—your brain is working hard to keep tabs on all your to-do’s… which is no easy feat.


Creating calming moments throughout the day can help you take a step back and let your mind and body settle down for a sec. This little slice of recovery can help you feel slightly more refreshed and give you some extra stamina to get through whatever may be coming your way.


It doesn’t have to be more than a couple minutes to give yourself a chance to reset so you can continue to go about your day being awesome.


You owe yourself that kindness so let’s dive into some quick calming practices that you can do almost anywhere.

A Breathing Exercise You Can Do at Your Desk

If your job is being especially extra today, breathing exercises are a quiet and calm way to collect your thoughts. This close cousin of meditation comes in handy for many workplace frustrations from passive-aggressive sticky notes to toxic bosses or coworkers since it’s low-profile.


Here’s all you need to do:


  1. Inhale through the nose for 4 seconds
  2. Hold your breath for 3 seconds
  3. Exhale through the mouth slowly for 5 seconds
  4. Do this 3 times


Just breathe and try not to let your mind focus on work-related tasks for a minute. If your desk doesn’t feel like a safe space, go to the restroom and wash your hands while practicing this exercise.

Mindful Hydration

Dehydration and cortisol levels go hand-in-hand, so drinking water throughout the day can help keep stress at bay. Practicing mindfulness and slowing down during water breaks is not only an easy way to gather our wits, but also helps us ground us and reestablish some peace—talk about refreshing.


Before drinking, take a deep breath and just let your mind forget about what’s going on for a second. Find gratitude in having access to clean water and think about how such a simple resource can keep us healthy and nourished. You can either let your thoughts wander or simply sit and be, there’s no wrong way of practicing mindfulness.


Take a sip, let the sensation wash over you (literally) and let this experience help you remember to enjoy the little things. This type of gratitude keeps us in the moment and can lighten up situations that seem heavy at first.

Go Outside

Sometimes we just need a little space where we can disengage and distance ourselves from stressful environments. If you have access to do it, try to go outdoors for a walk. The exercise will help release endorphins for a healthier mood and being around nature can help us manage stress better.


If you’re not able to physically go outside, cracking a window for some fresh air can help. Or you can liven up your space by adding a potted plant or even a small tabletop water fountain. Whatever helps your mind feel less cooped up, try to make a point to include it in your day.

Write On

If something is on your mind or bothering you, it helps to let some of those emotions out in a healthy way so that you’re not harboring any negative thoughts or feelings that can cause mental stress.


Try writing out how you feel so you can release all the heavy stuff. When you’re done, you can tear up the paper to let go of whatever situation had you feeling some type of way (and keep from anyone reading it too).


If you’d rather not focus on what’s going on in your head, try doodling instead. It gives your brain a chance to zone out and can also help you calm down if you’ve got a hundred tabs open between your computer and your mind.

Nourish Your Inner Calm

If you’re still struggling to find those calm moments vitamins can help establish inner balance and keep us from feeling overwhelmed when the going gets tough. Look for calming ingredients like magnesium, ashwagandha or lion’s mane to give your brain a chance to slow down and help you find your peace.

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